Wild Card Team Information

Every Clatskanie tournament is unique! 
We present awards for more than just winning chess... our goal is to encourage scholastic players to do and be their best!
Sign up early, registration is limited!  This is a 100% preregistered event.  If you decide to come less than 5 days prior to the tournament... Email first to make sure there's a spot.  
Wild Card Team Information

Have you dreamed of playing in a team chess event only... you don't have a club or school team? 

No problem! 

This wildcard tournament was designed just for you.  So, get busy and build your dream chess team and come to Clatskanie to win!  If you can't find enough players to form a team... Email us and we'll put you in touch with other kids.

How does it work?  Your four man team is placed in order by strength.  Strongest at board 1, next strongest at board 2, etc.  Each round, your four man team is matched with another four man team at a four-board table.  Board one plays board one, board two plays board two, etc.   On the pairing sheet, color is determined by board one and is then alternated.  If board one is white, board two is black, etc. 

Team A      Board 1 (W)       Board 2 (B)        Board 3  (W)       Board 4 (B)

Team B      Board 1 (B)        Board 2  (W)      Board 3 (B)         Board 4 (W)      

Each team has a captain.  For a list of their duties, see the Wildcard Team Rules.  If a team wins most of the games in a round they receive 1 point, if the teams tie then each team receives 1/2 point. 

Individual Requirements:   You must be a student age 5-18 and you must be breathing.  That's it!  (The ability to play great chess would also be important, but is not a requirement.)

Team Requirements:  Total team rating may not exceed 4800.  USCF or NWSRS ratings will be used, whichever is highest.  Unrated players (or players who have competed in less than 3 rated tournaments) will receive a rating of 1200.

Entry Fee$48/Team in advance, $96/team at the door

Awards:  1st through 3rd, plus additional class trophies if registration exceeds estimates.  The Tournament Director reserves the right to add additional awards and/or sections depending on the number of entries.  Please register early so additional awards may be purchased.

Team Roster:  Complete your roster of 4 players and what board they will play.  Your strongest player goes on board one, next strongest on board two, etc.  For important information about putting teams in order see the Wildcard Team Rules Choose a team captain (typically board 1, but may be any board).  Roster replacements may be made prior to the beginning of the tournament.  Once everyone is in place and the first round has started, no replacements will be allowed without prior approval from the tournament director.  

Please read over the rules prior to the beginning of the tournament Wildcard Team Rules.

Format:  Four round Swiss, G/45. Clocks and notation are mandatory. The Official Rules of Chess (USCF version) will be used. The Tournament Director will be the arbiter on all matters of interpretation of these rules.

Awards as soon as possible after the last game ends.

Additional Awards 
  • Best Handshaking Team
  • Best Team Attitude
  • Never Give Up - Never Surrender Team
  • Team Sportsmanship (Please note - Anyone may receive the best sportsmanship award, even first place!)
  • Early Registration Drawing & Raffle - All early registrations will be entered into a drawing to receive a $50 Series EE Savings Bond.
  • Something Else! - We also have something special for players who did their best and learned a lot!  No one goes home empty handed.
Team rounds are scored as 1 point, 1/2 point or 0 point based on total number of wins/draws.  
Team A plays Team B
Team A wins at boards 1, 2 & 3 
Team B wins at board 4
Result:  Team A=1 point   Team B=0 point
Tie Breaks
Place Tie Breaks - Final placement will be determined by total round scores and computer tie breaks. 
Award Tie Breaks - If two or more teams tie for an award, the winner will be determined by:
1)  Total round points
2)  Total game points
3)  Blitz play off     
Clatskanie Community Education Center
555 SW Bryant St.
Clatskanie, Oregon
*Please note... this is not our mailing address!
Where the heck is Clatskanie?  We're just across the river from Longview, WA and about an hour NW of Portland.  A few blocks from our playing site is a covered skate park, kayak rentals and a great pizza place!  Our tournaments are friendly, fun and definitely worth checking out.
Directions:  Take I-5 to the Longview WA exit #36.  Turn left onto 15th Ave.  Take the Lewis & Clark bridge across the Columbia River.  Turn right onto Hwy 30, travel 11 miles.  We're a one stoplight town... don't blink or you may miss it!  Two streets past the light, turn left onto Bryant Street.  The Community Center is 5 blocks up on the left.  Or.... take Highway 30 and follow the directions above.
9-9:30 am      Check-in
10 am              First round starts promptly - no byes
Noon               Second round
1:45 pm          Third round 
3:30 pm          Fourth round 
Note:  Times are approximate.  If a round finishes early, we will pair and play early.  Notify the TD if you plan to leave the building.
6:00 pm          Awards (or asap after the last round is completed)
Entry fees must be postmarked at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event in order to qualify for the in advance rate.  Wildcard Team Chess Registration 
Side Events
While we're calculating awards, join the gang in a wild individual Blitz or Bughouse elimination mini tournament with additional prizes.  This event is open to anyone and... it's FREE!
Beverages, snacks, Subway sandwiches and sweet things will be available onsite.
Chess sets & clocks if you have them.
Playground and video area.  No electronic devices of any kind allowed upstairs.
Contact Kate Taylor 503-728-3754 or Email Kate

Mailing Address:
Clatskanie Chess Club
80406 Bodine Road
Clatskanie OR  97016

10% discount to tournament players!

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