Wildcard Team Rules

USCF RULES APPLY - pay particular attention to...

  • Notation is mandatory, unless prior arrangements are made with the TD. Claims for notation violation must be made by the players.  A player will be given one warning.  On the second violation the player will forfeit his game. 
  • Clocks must be used on all games.  Both players may suspend notation when either player has less than 5 minutes left on the clock.
  • Players must be placed in order by strength.  Strongest on board 1, etc.   It is up to the team to accurately place their strongest players.   
  • Stacking is not allowed (intentionally putting players out of strength order).  Any team found to be deliberately stacking its boards will forfeit all won games during that match. 
  • Replacements may be made until the morning of the tournament.  If a team member is absent, all players will move up and board 4 will forfeit. 
  • One player from each team shall be designated as team captain (this player can be from any board).  The team captain is responsible for registering players, making sure they are in place, reporting results and double checking the accuracy of results.  The team captain is also the spokesperson for the team while a match is in progress.  A team captain may be consulted on matters of the team's current score and advice on drawing a game if the opponent offers one, however, this advice shall be based on the overall team situation and not an analysis of the position of the board in question. 
  • Team communication must be made in front of the other team.
  • An advisor/coach may not communicate with any player whose game is in progress on matters pertaining to the game or any other game of the team. 
  • Spectators are not allowed close enough to communicate with or disturb any player and must stay across the room from the playing area.  If any person observing a game indicates in ANY way that a player is out of time and that person is associated in any way with the opponents team (friend, parent, coach, etc), then the player will be given an additional 5 minutes on the clock and the game will continue.
  • Quiet in the playing room will be strictly enforced.
  • A physically handicapped player may have moves recorded and moved by another person.  In such a case, their opponent may exercise the same option.
  • During competition the only conversation permitted between two players will be that which is allowed by USCF rules.
  • Board color is determined by the first board and is alternated.  Example:  *Board 1=White  *Board 2=black   *Board 3=white *Board 4=black  
  • The Tournament Director shall be the final arbiter on all matters of interpretation of USCF rules.

PLEASE NOTE:  Total team rating may not exceed 4800.  USCF or NWSRS ratings will be used (whichever is highest).  Unrated players or players who have played in fewer than three rated tournaments will receive a rating of 1200. 

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