2004-2005 Local Tournament Results

Join us at our next tournament... 25% of all participants receive awards!   Medals are given for three wins or more.  Special award for sportsmanship.  We have a little something for everyone!  Nobody goes home empty-handed.


Tournament Results

Oregon Junior Open Championship
April 22-23, 2005
Denker & Polgar Qualifying Event! 
Blake Salisbury      Oregon Junior Open Champion, High School      
                            Champion & recipient of a travel scholarship to
                            represent Oregon in the Denker Tournament of
                            Champions (see below)
Taylor Bailey          Oregon - Girl Champion & recipient of a travel
                             scholarship to represent Oregon in the Susan
                             Polgar All Girls Championship (see below)
David Rosenbaum   U1800 Champion
Michael Taylor        U1600 Champion
Cameron Gregson   Junior Action Champion - Class D
Sean You               Junior Action Champion - Class E
Caleb Kesey           Junior Action Champion - Class F
Calvin Yu               Junior Action Champion - Class G
Place Awards
Oleg Zaikov          1st place
Raleigh Foster      2nd place
Drew Serres         3rd place
J. Brian Esler        4th place
Patrick Gay          5th place
Jonathan Heberling      1st place
Kurt Sprouse                2nd place
Daniel Friesen              3rd place
Byron Bean                  4th place
Nathan Porter              5th place
Derek Espinoza            Top Unrated
Thomas Kyle Milward    2+ wins medal
Bryan Spence              2+ wins
Brandon Morehouse     2+ wins
Christopher Liu           1st place
Peter Liao                  2nd place
Carolyn Yue               3rd place
Gabriel Belavita          4th place
Keegan Cox                5th place
Alexander Stanescu    Top Unrated
Justin Hooker             3+ wins medal
Alex Piatski                3+ wins
Griffin Haas                1st place
Andrew Maldonado     2nd place
Joshua Vanegas         3rd place
Bryce Horness           4th place
Morgan Kimmel          5th place
Josh Jacobson           3+ wins medal
Jack Meussdorffer      3+ wins
Jennifer Xiong           3+ wins
Justin Wang              3+ wins
Antonio Maldonado    3+ wins
Naomi Porter             3+ wins
Boris Piatski              1st place
Andrew Chamberlain  2nd place
John Salisbury           3rd place
  • Blake Salisbury                                    $250 travel Sholarship
  • Taylor Bailey                                        $250 travel scholarship
  • Michael Baker                                      Sportsmanship
  • Joshua Vinegas & Gabriel Bellavita        Best Handshake
  • David Rosenbaum                                Best Notation
  • Ashley Newton                                    Best Attitude
  • Hannah Harnsberger                            Never Give Up - Never Surrender
  • Kira Copeland                                      Excellence in Chess
  • Miles Haas                                              Freaky Facts Award
  • Amy & Enrique Maldonado                   When Pigs Fly
  • Shelli Mullins                                       Best Volunteer Effort
  • Corbin Yu & Ted Sanders                      Most Creative Play
  • Michael Taylor                                              Didn't see it Coming 
Top 100 list of Oregon players received certificates and pins of recognition
Vikram Kudva #73 for age 11
Marcus Robinson #78 for age 14
Blake Salisbury #29 for age 15
Patrick Gay #82 for age 15
Drew Serres #49 for age 16
Oleg Zaikov #4 for age 17
Taylor Bailey #94 for GirlsU16
Top 100 WA players who attended: Andy May #37 for age 13
Piatzki Falcons - 1st place
Rowdy Rooks - 2nd place
Greatest Peoples - 3rd place
The Kings - 4th place
Cake Eaters - 5th place
Earth - 6th place
91 players, from around the state (and five from WA) in attendance with approximately 120 family/friends.  The tournament was sponsored by the Oregon Chess Federation, Clatskanie Chess Club and Clatskanie Park and Rec.
The Oregon Junior Open attracted some of the very best scholastic players in the state, as well as a new crop of players in the novice section.  Blake Salisbury and Taylor Bailey won the coveted Championship titles and will represent Oregon at the Denker and Polgar national invitational events.  While the championship titles in all sections were hotly contested and some had to compete in blitz tie breakers to see who would go home with the gold... there were other interesting awards as well. 
About the Denker Championship (from the USCF website )  The Denker Tournament of High School Champions fields High School State Champions from across the United States.  A six round Swiss-style tournament, the Denker is held at the same location as the U.S. Open (Phoenix, Arizona from August 6-11, 2005) There's a single gameeach day, which makes participating in the U.S. Open possible. The Denker is considered a prestigious event.Scholarships, totaling $1,200 are awarded to the top four finishers; The University of Texas at Dallas will award Up to two scholarships valued at approximately $40,000 each. The Denker is made possible through the generous support of Grandmaster Arnold Denker, winner of the 1944 U.S. Championship and noted chess philanthropist and the U.S. Chess Trust.
About the Polgar Championship (from ) In August 2004, the inaugural Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls began with a bang. Thirty four state representatives took part in this historic event. This tournament created new opportunities for many young female chess players across the country and I received countless emails and letters from young girls, parents, and coaches from across the country supporting this initiative. More states will now hold exclusive all-girl qualifying events to select their representatives for a spot in Phoenix, Arizona from August 6-11, 2005. Plus, more chess scholarships will be available for girls, which is wonderful news. Without it, these players may have lacked the motivation to continue in chess. With the success of the 2004 Susan Polgar inaugural event and the incredible success of the 2004 US Women’ Olympiad Team, the momentum is with us and we must take advantage of this opportunity to boost women’s chess in America. 
Cross tables of the event are available by request or can be viewed at or
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Mystery Scholastic
1st     Jose Santiago
2nd    Andrew Chamberlain
3rd     Griffin Haas
4th     Chris London
5th     Abiguel Santiago
6th     Trevor Shelby
Medal for + wins  - Dillon Rivera
1st    Connor Kelly
2nd   Gabi Ruiz
3rd   Remi Keough
4th   Kevin Wagar
5th   Philip Weiss
Medals for 6+ wins - Chase Van Ach & Alexander Harnsberger
1st    Christopher Kevorkian
2nd   Carl Cotas Robles
3rd    Ephriam Harnsberger
4th    Damian Donza
1st     Blake Salisbury
2nd    Brian Spence
3rd    Todd May
Special Awards
World Class Performance - Taylor Bailey
Best Notation - Evan Franklin
Best Handshake - 1st Kevin Filosi, 2nd Jason Knickerbocker
Best Attitude - Jennifer Wagar
Never Give Up - Justin Primeau
Brainiacs - Nathan Smith & Jake Kelley
Sportsmanship - Ben Jacobs
1st place Team - Delphian School
Bughouse  & Blitz Boooonanza!
October 30, 2004
If you have photos of this event, send them to
Blitz Winners
1st Overall - Blake Salisbury ($10)
2nd Overall - Andy May ($5)
3rd Overall - Drew Serres & Michael Taylor (jumping bugs)
1st Place - Sarah May (trophy)
2nd Place - Josh Jacobson (trophy)
3rd Place - Chris Reynolds (trophy)
Bughouse Winners:
1st = PCW (received specially made Bug Trophies)
2nd = One day Edward went to the store and bought a candy bar and a popsicle and then he went to school and after school he went home and ate soup and a banana and then he went bowling and had a fabulous time. (trophy)
3rd = Wo Strong (trophy)
4th = Rainbow Demons (trophy)
Other Awards
Best Handshake Medal = Alex
Best Attitude Medal = Scott Hodges
Most Giggles (Bouncing Brain) = KeithYoungblood
Best Costume Blitz  (Bug Bites) = Jack Muesdorffer
Best Costume Bughouse (Spiderman Candy Keychains) = Ephraim Harnsberger & Laura Peters
Best Team Name (Purple Fuzzy Crown Pens) = Move That There
SPORTSMANSHIP = Jack Muesdorffer
Jack received this award for graciousness to his opponents and his winning smile.
PARTICIPATION:  Medals & Jumping Bugs
At the end of the day, a large group gathered at Fultano's pizza for even more chess and great pizza.  
Special thanks to everyone who helped make our tournament a success:  Warren Taylor, Hayley Serres, Subway, Fultano's Pizza, Clatskanie School District, Clatskanie Chief & Northwest Engraving.  

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