2002-2003 Local Tournament Results

Join us at our next tournament... 25% of all participants receive awards!   Medals are given for three wins or more.  Special award for sportsmanship.  We have a little something for everyone!  Nobody goes home empty-handed.


Tournament Results


Sizzling Summer Scholastic & Open - Deja Vu
July 19, 2003
Bottle Rockets (Open)
1st Place   Blake Salisbury ($50)
2nd Place  Lee Davis ($30)
3rd Place   Keegan Knutson ($20)   
Medal Winners:   Michael Taylor, Jerome Ayers & Igor Ummel
Other Bottle Rockets:  Todd May, Andy May, Wes Harvey, Drew Serres, Norm May, John Salisbury, Steve Reed
Flamables (U1200)
1st Place   Martin Neal
2nd Place  Howard Chen
3rd Place   Vikram Kudva 
Medal Winners:  Taylor Bailey, Grant Montgomery
Other Flamables:  Ephraim Harnsberger, Clarissa Swanson, Brian Quinn, Tristan Harvey, John Ummel, Whitney Harvey, Eddie ang, Mike Collins, Nathan Mazur, Noah Collins
Firecrackers (U800)
1st Place   Alexander Harnsberger
2nd Place  Scott Montgomery
3rd Place   Gabriel Schmidt
Medal Winners:  Anna White
Other Firecrackers:   Caleb Mazur, Patrick Maguire, Billy Edwards, Alex Petersen, Rainier Harvey, Billy Yuan, Morgan Kimmel
Sparklers (Novice)
1st Place   Macklin Bishop (winner of USCF Membership)
2nd Place  Cameron Martinot
3rd Place   Dan Neal
Medal Winners:  Mitchell Bishop 
Other Sparklers:  Chris Chelioudakis, Kyle Ritter
Special Award Winners:
Best handshake - Whitney Harvey
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Igor Ummel
Best Attitude - Ephraim Harnsberger
Best Notation - Eddie Wang
Best Notation Runner Up & Winner of the fuzzy pen award - Keegan Knutson
Best Chess Man - Norm May
Free Entry Winner (to our next tournament) - Chris Chelioudakis
Most Enthusiastic Attempt to win the Sportsmanship Award - Mike Collins
Sportsmanship Award:  Taylor Bailey 
Team Sportsmanship Award:  Sparklers
Early Registration - $50 Series EE Savings Bond:  Caleb Mazur
Bughouse Elimination Tournament - Side Event
1st Place:  Billy Bob
2nd Place:  Lie Cheat & Steal
Other Participants:  Pawn duo, The Pinecones, Mean Green Machine, Kings & Queens, The Bugs, Purple Rain, The Hats, Power Puff Girls, We don't have a name, Red Dragons, Dare Devils, King Fishers
Special Thanks:  Janine Salisbury, Joel May, Warren Taylor, Jennifer Taylor,  The Clatskanie School District, the parents and coaches who traveled to Clatskanie and the participants... all in all it was another terrific day!   And very special thanks to the anonymous sponsor of our participation medals... they are very much appreciated by all who receive them!
Cross Tables available upon request.
PLEASE NOTETo receive a photo from the awards ceremony, contact  Dennis Petersen


Sizzling Summer Scholastic & Open
June 21, 2003
Jalepeno's (Open)
1st Place   Vance Robinson ($50)
2nd Place  Tim Robinson ($30) by blitz tie break
3rd Place   Andy May ($20) by blitz tie break  
Medal Winner:   Steve Reed medal, by blitz tie break
Other Jalepeno's:  Josh Rankin, Keegan Knutson, Norm May, Michael Taylor, Todd May, Vikram Kudva, Drew Serres, Igor Ummel, Virgil Ruiz, Mike Collins
Chili Peppers (U1200)
1st Place   Martin Neal
2nd Place  Thomas Kyle-Milward   by blitz tie break
3rd Place   Clarissa Swanson           by blitz tie break  
Medal Winners for 3 wins:  Eddie Wang & Sarah May   by blitz tie break
Medal Winner for 2.5 wins:  Ephriam Harnsberger
Other Chili's:  Sarah Hannon, Brian Quinn, Dustin Blumberg, Drew Anderson, John Ummel, Taylor Bailey, Akash Krishnan, J.P. Cumming, Alisa Collins
Fire Breathing Furby's (U800)
1st Place   Noah Collins
2nd Place  Elliot Strandberg
3rd Place   Natasha Keller
Other Furby's:   Alexander Harnsberger, Klancy Shriver, Ajay Krishnan  
Spicy Salsa's (Novice)
1st Place   Patrick McGuire   by blitz tie break
2nd Place  Mitchell Bishop     by blitz tie break
3rd Place   Macklin Bishop
Medal Winners:  Anna White 3 wins, Warren Russell 2.5 wins, Christopher White 2.5 wins
Other Salsa's:  Connor Lincoln, Jack Muessdorffer, Stuart Pollock, Noelani Dailey
Special Award Winners:
Best handshake - Patrick McGuire
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Clarissa Swanson
Best Attitude - John Ummel
Best Notation - Norm May (Andy May was runner up... but his handwriting was just like his dad's!)
Smarty Award - Taylor Bailey (we're not telling why... you had to be there to find out!)
Sportsmanship Award:  Klancy Shriver
Early Registration - $50 Series EE Savings Bond:  Igor Ummel
Bughouse Elimination Tournament - Side Event
1st Place:  I cycle from am to pm
2nd Place:  The Tsunami's
Other Participants:  Grizzlies, Coquille Cougars, The Opportunists, Team Radical, Pawn Duo, The Craters, The Rookies, Smart Ones, Keegan & Keegan, The Screaming Meanies.
Special ThanksAmy Boyett, Joel May, Warren Taylor, Jennifer Taylor, Rebecca Taylor, The Clatskanie School District, the parents and coaches who traveled to Clatskanie and the participants... all in all it was a pretty terrific day!
Cross Tables are available upon request.


Leapin' Leprechauns
Bughouse/Blitz Open
March 23, 2003
O'Clovers Section 
1st Place   Noah Collins
2nd Place  Connor Hulegaard
3rd Place   Brendan Hulegaard
4th Place   Griffin Haas
Other O'Clovers:  Branson Laszlo, Maya Sacks, Skyler Slotten, Alisa Collins, Tyler Murphy, Robby Woldt, Nolan Luedke, Austin Haas, Adrianne Schneider, Jennifer Rardin, Billy Woldt, Nick Bisterfeldt, Meagan Gravelle, Joshua Landry, Martin Helson-Harrington
O'Blarney Section
1st Place   Grant Montgomery
2nd Place  Jason Brown
3rd Place   Sarah May
Medal Winners for 6.5 wins or more:  Derek DeGraaf
Other O'Blarneys: Scott Montgomery, Tanner Houchins, Emilio Villagrana, Lance Vreeland, Dustin Baker, Thomas Meyer, James Duncan, Linse Sullivan, Russell Wiley, Justin Salisbury, Darrell Griffith, Joe Hubbard
O'Shamrocks Section
1st Place  Blake Salisbury
2nd Place Michael Taylor
3rd Place  Andy May
Medal Winners for 6.5 wins or more:  Keegan Knutson, Todd May
Other O'Shamrocks:  Jordan Nettles, Andrew Wirkkala, Marty Neal, John Salisbury, Mike Collins, William Southwell, Zachary Houchins, JP Cummings, Josiah Spence, Taylor Bray
Special Award Winners:
Best handshake - Alisa Collins & Jason Brown
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Zachary Houchins
Best Attitude - Lance Vreeland
Best Leprechaun - Mike Collins
Sportsmanship Award:  Joe Hubbard Joe had a great day!  Win, lose or draw he had a positive and upbeat attitude.  As a matter of fact, when I asked him how he had done on one of his games he said, "GREAT!  I lost!"   
1st Place   Clackish Brack
2nd Place  T A Chess
3rd Place   Grangrungregis Greenheads
4th Place   Yappy & the Ear Ache
Medals & "Pot 'o' Gold" candy for 6.5 wins or more:  Trophy Trailers
Other Bughouse Teams:  Collins, Cows of Color, Easy Money, Powder Puffs, Move That There, Chess Odyssey, Hawaiian Shirts, The Mighty Pawns, Beacon Hill Bobcats, Chess Nuts, Bird Brains, Bling Bling on Ebay, Bughouse Beetles, Rookies, Zoomers
Special Award Winners:
Best Team Name:  Bling Bling on Ebay
Sportsmanship:  Cows of Color for having a great attitude all day!
Diva Caissa Partnership Award:  Andy/Bob May
Best Assistant TD:  Joel (JAM) May
Special thanks to everyone who helped make this tournament a success...
Warren Taylor & Jenny Taylor, Judges: Glenn Bray & Norm May, my assistant TD Joel (JAM) May and all the parents & kids who helped setup, clean up and drove their kids to our event!  And thanks too, to all of the participants!
Cross Tables of this event are available upon request.  Email

Mars & Caissa
A Chess Love Story....

Diva Caissa Classic
Scholastic Tournament
February 22, 2003
Mars Section (Over 900)
1st Place   Garrick Bennett
2nd Place  Keegan Knutson
Medal for 3 wins or more:  Alex Bennett
Other Martians:  Thomas Kyle-Milward, Cameron Ford, Brian Romain
Venus Section (Under 900)
1st Place   Marty Neal
2nd Place  Ryan Ralston
3rd Place   Alex Petersen
Medal Winners for 2.5 wins or more:  Milan Tallmon
Other Venusians: Justin Salisbury, Everett Lee-Wuollet, Taylor Bray & Krysten Lynch.
Cupids Section (Unrated)
1st Place  Derek DeGraaff
2nd Place Warren Russell
3rd Place  Brooke Galloway
4th Place  Eli Lee-Wuollet
Medal Winners for 3 wins or more:  Chris White, Sam Clark, Skyler Slotten, Cody Johnson.
Other Cupids:  Casey Kume, Clayton Lee-Wuollet, Jordan Galloway, Griffin Haas, Tyler Wright, Ashley Sexton, Jon Luke-Lachance, Ty Kume.
Special Award Winners:
Best handshake - Brian Romain & Brooke Galloway
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Ashley Sexton (By hanging on until the bitter end with only a king, she stalemated her game)
Best Attitude - Taylor Bray (for being a gracious opponent win, lose or draw)
Best Notation - Alex Bennett
Sportsmanship Award:  Cody Johnson Cody had a great attitude all day.  After losing a game, he invited his opponent (Skyler Slotten) to go play outside and on their way out the door congratulated Skyler on doing a really great job. 
Congratulations to Skyler Slotten, winner of the giant candy bar and free entry into the upcoming Leapin' Leprechauns tournament.  (Ironically, Cody Johnson drew Skyler's name out of a box filled with the names of kids who completed puzzles between rounds.)   
At the beginning of each round we began with the next chapter in the enchanting love story between Mars, the greek god of war and Caissa the future goddess of chess.  Special thanks to Keegan Knutson and Kessina Lee-Wuollet for their part in the story. 
Midway through the day we tried our hands at playing the Fischer Shuffle.  A new variant created by the infamous Bobby Fischer.  Each player removed their back row pieces and handed them to their opponent.  White moved first and placed one of black's pieces randomly (or not so randomly) on black's back row.  Then, black did the same for white. Once the pieces were placed, the game began.   With no standard opening, it was quite a challenge to figure out how to get pieces into the game!
After awards, we took a vote and decided to play bughouse instead of blitz. 
Bughouse Results
The winning teams were:
1st Place The Pawn Duo
2nd Place Surfless Surfboarders
Other teams: 
German Hotdogs
Murphy Squad
Dragon Snot (this name was chosen by two lovely little... girls!)
Rhinoceros Beetles
Bishop Buggies
Chess Kings
Sea Hawks
Special thanks to everyone who helped make this tournament a success...
Warren Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Michael Taylor, Blake Salisbury, Glenn Bray, Kessina Lee-Wuollet and all the parents & kids who helped setup and clean up!  And all of the kids who participated!
Cross Tables of this event are available upon request.  Email


Clatskanie Mystery Tournament
January 18, 2003
Super Sleuths Section (Over 900)
1st Place   Marcus Robinson
2nd Place  Blake Salisbury
3rd Place   Michael Taylor
Other Super Sleuths:  Bryan Spence, Andy (Bob) May, Taylor Bailey
Radical Riddlers Section (Under 900)
1st Place   Howard Chen
2nd Place  Drew Anderson
3rd Place   Marty Neal
4th Place   Sarah May
5th Place   Alex Petersen
Medal Winners for 3 wins or more:  Milan Tallmon, Josiah Spence, Thomas Kyle-Milward, Taylor Bray, James Paul Cumming
Other Radical Riddlers: Tyler Hulegaard, Everett Lee-Wuollet, Christopher Card, Justin Salisbury, Conor Hulegaard, Aaron Spence, Danniel Card, Annie Hulegaard
Blues Clues Section (Unrated)
1st Place  Derek DeGraaff
2nd Place Jacob Sullivan
3rd Place  Brendan Hulegaard
4th Place  Annelise Peake
5th Place  Eli Lee-Wuollet
Medal Winners for 3 wins or more:  Clayton Lee-Wuollet, Joel May, Jon Luke-Lachance, Sarah Robinson
Other Blues Clues:  Branson Lazlo, Adrienne Schneider, Austin Haas, Brooke Galloway, Chelsea Neilson, Jordan Swadberg, Tyler Wright, Andrea Huebert, Donnie Dugan, Ty Kume, Millie Ferguson, Jordon Galloway
Special Award Winners:
Best handshake - Ty Kume
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - Eli Lee-Wuollet
Best Attitude - Aaron Spence & James Paul Cumming
Recipient of the "Gotta Getta Clue Award":  Taylor Bailey
Sportsmanship Award:  Marcus Robinson For his kindness and consideration to all opponents and helping unrated players during the tournament.
Congratulations to the Radical Riddlers section for finding the hidden treasure! 
Wondering what we did for the mystery portion of the tournament? Here's the scoop:
After each round, everyone received a question... they were pretty easy (What is special about a pawn's first move, etc.).  Then they had to find someone dressed as a chess piece.  As the day wore on, the piece was harder to find.  Once they gave a correct answer to the chess piece, they were given a one-move mate puzzle to complete. 
When finished, they reported to the "Purple Puzzle Person" (Trudy Spence dressed from head to toe in purple... now that was an amazing site!).  The PPP checked the puzzle and if it was correct they received a special hand made dollar bill.  Each contestant was told to keep the puzzle and the dollar for later in the day.
After the fifth round, they were given a 3-move mate puzzle with four missing pieces.  The answers from the previous four puzzles gave the missing pieces and location.  (Example:  The first puzzle solution was RE8.  So they had to draw a rook on the E8 square of the 3-move puzzle.)
After the awards ceremony everyone gathered together by section:
Blues Clues (unrated)
Radical Riddlers (U900)
Super Sleuths (0900)
Each group pooled their dollars together.  The one with the most money went first.
They had the choice of buying an ordinary looking drinking straw, a plain white envelope or an origami animal.  (Each item held the same clue, but they didn't know that!)
The Radical Riddlers went first and bought the origami.  The Blues Clues purchased the envelope and the Super Sleuths had the choice of... a straw.
The mad dash began!
They were sent from clue to clue around the building.  At one point, Norm May was dressed as a king (You looked very regal Norm!) and had a clue taped to the bottom of his shoe. 
The clues eventually lead everyone back to the chess playing room.  They were looking for an arrow that was pointing at the hidden treasure... it took them a long time to find the arrow.  And I thought this was the easiest part!  The giant arrow was made out of chess pieces and was about 70" long.
Hidden throughout the room were paper bags filled with balloons and in the bottom was a note that said "This is not the treasure."   This helped to prolong the suspence.
Everyone eventually found the arrow, but they couldn't tell exactly where it was aimed.  Finally, an astute "Radical Riddler"  Everett Lee-Wuollet discovered a treasure box underneath a coat on a chair.  It was filled to the brim with an assortment of candy. 
After an attempted hijacking by a frenzied Super Sleuth, the candy was distributed to the winning team. 
They were hot.  They were sweaty.  They were hyper from sugar.  They were happy.
They even had enough energy to play an elimination Blitz tournament at the end of it all!
Blitz Results
We started off with an assortment of 34 adults and kids.
1st Place Tony Sanchez
2nd Place Bryan Spence
3rd Place Michael Taylor
4th Place Blake Salisbury
Special thanks to everyone who helped make this tournament the best one yet...
Jenny Taylor who played the part of the Big Headed Bishop, the Questioning Queen, the Rascally Rook and the Pouty Pawn.  Trudy Spence for making the out-of-towners wonder if everyone in Clatskanie dressed that way.  Norm May for wearing a kingly costume and not panicking when 50 kids spotted him and made a mad dash in his direction.  Janine Salisbury and Tavia Haas for designing a most amazing and elusive arrow.  All of the parents for helping kids who needed a clue.  My able bodied crew of volunteers Warren Taylor, Janine Salisbury, Kessina and Dave Lee-Wuollet, Carrie Card and Robin Fouche'.  Joel May, TD in training, for his Blitz assistance.  Amy Boyett, Norm May and Glenn Bray... judges extraordinaire.  And all of the kids who participated! 


Clatskanie Chess Nuts Classic
November 23, 2002
Macadamia Section (Over 900)
1st place    Michael Taylor
2nd place   Todd May
3rd place    Blake Salisbury
4th place    Andy May
5th place    Bryan Spence
1st place unrated player  ~  Nick Barnett
Medal Winners  ~  Alex Bennett, Garrick Bennett, Whitney Harvey, Clarissa Swanson
Sportsmanship Award ~ Nick Barnett, for grace and honor under pressure
Best representative of the Macadamia Section ~ Joe Cox
Other Macadamias ~ Zachary Houchins, William Latter, Kevin Wagar, Linse Sullivan, Tanner Houchins, Kevin Filosi, Lance Vreeland
Pistachio Section (Under 900)
1st place     Thomas Kyle-Milward
2nd place     Ryan Ralston
3rd place     Josiah Spence
4th place     Milan Tallmon
5th place     Sarah May
6th place     Drew Serres
1st place unrated player ~ Everett Lee-Wuollet
Medal Winners ~ Alex Peterson, Drew Anderson, Stephanie Dodge, Danniel Card, Christopher Card
Sportsmanship ~ Danniel Card for inviting his opponents to go outside and play after each game
Best Attitude ~ Brandon Moller
Best Handshake ~ Jennifer Wager & Ryan Ralston
Best Representative of the Pistachio Section ~ Tyler Hulegaard
Other Pistachios ~ Justin Salisbury, Connor Hulegaard, Kevin Hill, Christopher Hill, Grace Beebe, Andrea Huebert, Elizabeth Huebert
Peanut Section (unrated)
1st place     Anna White
2nd place     Eli Lee-Wuollet
3rd place     Clayton Lee-Wuollet
4th place     Jacob Krumenaker
5th place     Dustin Baker
Medal Winners ~ Henry Rutherford, Annie Hulegaard, Joe Hubbard
Sportsmanship ~ Annie Hulegaard  for kindness and graciousness to her opponents
Never Give Up, Never Surrender ~ Aubrey Dubois
Best Representative of the Peanut Section ~ Laura Peters
Other Peanuts ~ Nick Bisterfelt, Joshua Landry, Brendan Hulegaard, Brandy Hubbard, Laird Tuel, Steffan Dixon



                             CLATSKANIE CHESS CLUB


                   Standings : Bughouse Boooonanza 10/26/2002



    Name                rtng rd 1  rd 2  rd 3  rd 4  rd 5   TOT


  1 Jeremicah...........unr. $  7  $  9  $  8  $  2  $  4  10.0

  2 The Lazers..........unr. $  3  $ 10  $  4  L  1  $  7   8.0

  3 Tsunamis............unr. L  2  $ 14  $ 12  W  6  $  8   7.0

  4 Knights Pefkakia....unr. $ 11  $  6  L  2  $ 10  L  1   6.0

  5 Granny & the putitatunr. L  9  L  7  $ 16  $ 13  $ 10   6.0

  6 The Darols..........unr. $ 13  L  4  $ 15  W  3  W  9   6.0

  7 The Fatsos..........unr. L  1  $  5  W 11  $ 12  L  2   5.0

  8 Creatures of Knightsunr. W 12  $ 16  L  1  $ 11  L  3   5.0

  9 Crocodile Hunter....unr. $  5  L  1  L 10  $ 15  W  6   5.0

 10 The Alienators......unr. $ 14  L  2  $  9  L  4  L  5   4.0

 11 J&H Chess Players...unr. L  4  $ 13  W  7  L  8  W 12   4.0

 12 Knights of Old West.unr. W  8  $ 15  L  3  L  7  W 11   4.0

 13 Tiger Magic.........unr. L  6  L 11  W 14  L  5  $ 16   3.0

 14 Flea Bitten.........unr. L 10  L  3  W 13  W 16  W 15   3.0

 15 King/Queen Camoflagiunr. W 16  L 12  L  6  L  9  W 14   2.0

 16 Arsenic & Old Lace..unr. W 15  L  8  L  5  W 14  L 13   2.0


Team Key:


Jeremicah = Jeremiah Cowen & Micah Smith

The Lazers = Andy & Todd May

Tsunamis = Taylor Bailey & James Paul Cumming

Knights Pefkakia = William Brenc & Ryan Ralston

Granny & the Puttitat = Gavin & Jillyn Johnson

The Darols = Howard Chen & Keegan Knutson

The Fatsos = Brian Romain & Colin Luh

Creatures of the Knight = Drew Anderson & Brian Quinn

Crocodile Hunter = Josiah Spence & Christopher Card

The Alienators = Michael Taylor & Elizabeth Huebert

J&H Chess Players = Danniel Card & Skyler Slotten

Knights of the Old West = Bryan Spence & Thomas Kyle-Milward

Tiger Magic = Andrea Huebert & Connor Jolly

Flea Bitten = Dimitri & Victoria Edwards

The King & Queen of Camouflogia = Aaron Spence & Anna White

Arsenic & Old Lace = Camarie Card & Dimidy Davis


The team placings were:

1st = Jeremicah

2nd = The Lazers

3rd = Tsunamis


Blitz Elimination winners:

1st = Micah Smith

2nd = Jeremiah Cowen

3rd = Andy May & Michael Taylor

(Ryan Ralston was incorrectly named the 3rd place winner in Blitz... it should have been Andy May.  Sorry about that Andy!)


Good Sport Award Winners:

Victoria Edwards, for her enthusiasm in spite of challenges

Howard Chen, for kindness and consideration of his team mate and opponents.


Best Costumes:

Gavin Johnson = "Granny"

Jonna Schuder = "The human chess board"


Best Team Name:

Crocodile Hunter (Christopher Card was the cranky crocodile & Josiah Spence was the Hunter)  Great job guys!


Best Handshake:

Drew Anderson & Josiah Spence


Special thanks to the people who made this tournament a success!  Warren Taylor, Amy Boyett, Norm May, Carrie Card, Gary Card & all the chess club members who help make their club the best!  Thanks so much for all you do.


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