Chess Set Design Contest 2007 - Photos



The Winner!

Allen's winning First Place Design!

Allen was the 1st place finisher for the second year in a row!  His award winning bughouse design (which is a variation of chess with a team of two) was in origami.  Every piece was a bug!  The idea to do bughouse came from an incident at home where his brother got bit by a bug.  The Queen Bee took 102 folds.  Allen started each piece and his mom helped him finish.  The slugs he did all on his own, all 16 of them!  Allen put a lot of thought into each piece.  He chose green and white for the board and pieces because bugs blood is green  His explanation during judging was very well done.  His design, when choosing what bug to make each piece, was very well thought out.  The rooks were hives!  Allen received a giant trophy for winning 1st place!  
Note:  The Runner Up designs were only 1 point away from Allen!  It was a very close contest.

Runner Up! Connor's was out of this world!

Runner Up !

Planetary chess set.  Connor's research on his theme was excellent. He went to the library and checked out a book on planets to get the colors just right.  The king is the sun, the queen is the moon, bishops were jupiter, knights were mercury and the earth was chosen for the rooks.  The set took a week to make and fire.  The board was meticulously done in silver and black.  Very spacey and went with the theme of the pieces.  The planets are made from clay and attached to wooden blocks.  This set was made to last forever!  Connor received a trophy as runner up!

Runner Up! Jacob's set was just plain nuts!
...and bolts!

Runner Up!

Jacob's set was a very well put together magnetic design.  Jacob found a picture of a similar chess set in a book and decided he could make one too!  He put the pieces together on his own, but his Dad helped with the board.  The set took several weeks to make.  Jacob made his set blue and silver because he liked the colors together. When he tested his set after completion, he decided it would work better if he made it magnetic!  Awesome problem solving!  Jacob received a trophy as runner up.

Honorable Mention! Ian's set was made for war!

Honorable Mention!

Ian's set was made from Army men set.  He thought of using army guys because chess is a game of war.  He also decided that army guys wouldn't want to be a queen so he made the queen second in command.  His design was very well thought out.  His set had a patriotic theme with red, white and blue colors used throughout.  Soldiers were glued to stars!   Ian received a camo bag to keep his pieces in. 

Hailie's Paper Design

Hailey's design was in paper.  She cut it out herself and decided how to color each piece.  Hailey decided to make the pieces look like the demo board from class. She designed the set herself.  She decided to tape the pieces to the board so that they wouldn't fall off while on display. She did play a game with the set at home and it was "Great"!

Mason's Marshmallow Masterpiece!

Mason designed the pieces on his own.  Taste tested them to make sure they were just right! Mason colored the marshmallows on each side and drew on the piece symbol just like what he's learned in class. He used toothpicks to make it easy to move the pieces without getting your fingers sticky.  After the contest, Mason played a game during class.  It worked very well!  Although his opponent wanted to eat the pieces he captured!

Nichole's Christmas Set

Nichole's Chess pieces looked just like the set we use in class.  She wanted the pieces to have a Christmas theme and made them red and green.  She made all of the piecs herself with a few suggestions from her mom.  Nicole just learned how to play this year.  She has a very good understanding of piece structure and board design.

Reilly's Candy Chess Set!

Reilly's set was made from candy. It was a very good design and it was easy to understand every piece.  She chose red and gold as a Christmas theme.  The board was made of graham crackers and held together with frosting.  The entire set was edible!  She said it took her one night to make.  The librarian said kids loved this set and wanted to taste test it!

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