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Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2002


Parent Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Present:  Niki Davis, Kate Taylor, Carrie Card, Teri Robinson, Mary Tallmon


Financial Status

As of today, the club has $456.90.  $70.97 is available for individual families who helped with fundraising events:  Card $15.35, Davis $2.42, MTaylor $17.20, Hulegaard $18.00, BTaylor $18.00 which leaves $385.93 for club funds.  Ive set aside $300 for national elementary tournament entry fees.  This will leave us with $85.93 in club funds for equipment.


Future Fundraising ideas

Bake Sale, when?  Robin and Trudy suggested having a bake sale and since they had to miss this  meeting, were going to let them pick a date.  But we did discuss having a bread sale for $5/loaf.  Apparently some groups have had a lot of luck with this.  Also, we may have a Christmas pre-ordered bread sale.  Also, Saturdays at 9 am seem to be a good time to hold the sale.  So Trudy and Robin, the ball is in your court!


Quilt raffle, tickets sales are ongoing  Kate is going to take a photo of the quilt and prepare envelopes with tickets for each club member to sell.  A drawing date will be chosen.


Candy sales  Kate will look into this.  The group agreed that this was a good idea.


Other ideas Teri suggested selling appliqués and will look into this.  Carrie suggested selling flowers from the Quincy Greenhouse and I think she will look into this.


Next Year

What do we want to do?  Most everyone agreed that one tournament a month is enough for their children to attend.


Continue lessons with Tony over the summer? Yes


Club Tournaments? We will hold tournaments towards the end of the season next year.  Dates will be decided in October.


Meeting Dates & Times?  Keep them the same over the summer.  M & W 3:30-4:30 pm.


Upcoming Tournaments/Events

April 6th, Blitz/Bughouse.  Blitz will be held from 10-1 pm, Bughouse 1:30-4:30 pm

April 7th, Borders Books in Gresham they still have openings.  Entry fee is only $5

April15th, Celebration of our Successes this year  Fultanos Pizza Parlor at 6:45 pm.  Tony Sanchez will attend and were going to do a little presentation to him.

April 13th, Coquille Tournament $3 entry fee

April 25-28th, Elementary Nationals in Portland.  Volunteers are needed. (entry is going in today)

May 18th, Clatskanie Scholastic

June 15th, Clatskanie Scholastic

July 4th, Booth in park & parade entry?  Yes, we will have any entry.  Carrie said she has access to a flatbed and if that doesnt work out, Niki has access to one.  Since Trudy was absent we nominated her as flat chairwoman.  Everyone offered to help.  Also, Dimidy has offered to ride a horse as a knight in the parade.  That should be fun!

July 20th, Clatskanie Scholastic

August 16 & 17, Campout, location ideas?  We missed discussing this one.  A site should be chosen soon. 

Chess Club Awards Display at the library  Carrie has contacted the Clatskanie Library and scheduled our display for May 1st (after elementary nationals and we may have a trophy or two to add to it!).



Still working on this one  Were going to try and have T-shirts made before nationals.  Watch for updates on the email list.


Equipment Order

An order is in the works.  The order is going in on Thursday, April 11th


New training program

Are students doing their worksheets?  Yes, they are!


December 3, 2001 Minutes

Agenda Items

Financial Status
Future Fundraising Ideas
Upcoming Tournaments
T-shirt Design
Christmas Order
New Training Program


We need to boost our financial status to help pay for tournament entry fees,club lessons with Tony Sanchez and travel expenses for national tournaments. We discussed other fundraising events and decided to hold tournaments in the spring and over the summer.

Robin Fouche' is working on our new club logo. She should have something available in the next month or two. T-shirts will be ordered when the logo is complete.

An order is being prepared for American Chess Equipment for clocks and notation pads. Anyone who wishes to purchase a chess clock should contact Kate.

The new training program has arrived. Copies have been made and we are ready to begin. We will discuss a new concept at each meeting and work on improving our chess skills.

Chess classes have begun with Tony Sanchez in Longview at St. Rose Elementary School on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm. The cost is only $5/student. Kate takes the group over after chess club and parents are arranging carpooling for pickup.

Cowlitz Chess Club has invited our club to come and play any Thursday from 6-8 pm at the Heron Estates Club House.

Ratings update as of December 2001:

Christopher Card 775
Danniel Card 600
Dimidy Davis 660
Tyler Hulegaard N/R
Blake Salisbury N/R
Aaron Spence 609
Bryan Spence 903
Josiah Spence 880
Michael Taylor 1009

Upcoming Activities

We are currently selling raffle tickets for the chess quilt designed and sewn by Trudy Spence.

Volunteers are needed for the tournaments on February 16th and March 9th. Please contact Kate for more information:

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